Nowadays we see many changes that affect human life on this beautiful planet. These changes have led to an increase in temperature of the Earth and the Sun, the melting of glaciers and a reduction of the strength of the magnetic field, causing magnetic pole shift. Mother Earth is a single dynamic and intelligent living organism. It is a network of connections and relationships. Everything is interconnected; every vibration is related. Understanding this means being part of everything and taking responsibility for what happens every day because every thought, every emotion, every action, and every choice we make has effects that propagate in the individual and the collective. As humanity, everyone and everything is intimately connected to the other.

The studies and experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher and scientist, show us that water is alive and conscious. It captures the energy vibrations of the environment in which it lies responding, with beautiful and harmonic crystals, to the vibrations of love and gratitude expressed in the form of words, sounds, emotions and thoughts. In contrast, when exposed to negative vibrations, water does not form any crystals. This scientific evidence, which is demonstrated by microscopic photographs of water crystals formed during freezing, translates to deep awareness when we decide to live with our hearts and begin an inner journey of Truth and Love.


A healthier and more authentic life can be created by shifting our consciousness to focusing from the mind to the heart. When love flows among conscious souls, it begins to grow and expand and, subsequently, to fill all mankind. Today we know the effects of the immense power of prayer and the power of the collective focus of a growing number of people. Today we know that the unconditional love emanating from our hearts is the key to enhancing the awareness of every human being. Love opens the doors of change in our lives, helping the greatness that is within us to emerge. It enables the purpose of our soul to manifest itself in the Freedom of Being and in harmony with Mother Earth and all living creatures.




To seal the sincerity of our intention aimed at the Supreme Good, we have created the Great Day of Love and Gratitude. It is a moment of profound union of our hearts, in conscious trust, which enables us to build a new path of human evolution together in harmony with Mother Earth.

12.00 p.m. - HEART MEDITATION 




We begin meditation, holding hands, united with each other by listening to our hearts and the hearts of our sisters and our brothers. With love and gratitude we open ourselves to the Divinity which is present in each of us. We honor the sacredness of life connecting us all to Mother Earth and all living organisms. We place our hands on the chest, begin to perceive the feeling of love and gratitude growing more and more, and then expanding from the center of the heart to over our body. In deep connection with ourselves, we pour our love into the heart of every human being. We are deeply grateful for being here today and for having the power to Be the Change we want to see in the world. We are thankful for the opportunity to choose to live with responsibility, love and dignity, in the full extent of our abilities.


12.30 p.m. – WATER PRAYER 



Water Prayer EN - Celebracion del Agua ES - Feier des Wassers DE - Sarbatorirea Apei RO

By opening our hearts, we thank and bless the water that is the element which nourishes and unites every living organism on the planet. We turn to the polluted water of the seas, rivers, lakes, canals, lagoons, drains, fountains and springs to assume responsibility, as humanity today, asking forgiveness for what we did against life in all its forms. We bless the water with a prayer that comes from the bottom of our hearts, so that it can flow again with high vibrations of our love and gratitude.

On this day we want to engage ourselves as humanity vibrating in union and respect for life and every human being on our planet. We are the humanity that is awakening, accepting and recognizing itself with love. We are the humanity that follows the path of Wisdom to bring a new awareness and to accept the Great Shift within itself: A Life based on the essentials, on the respect and cooperation of human beings, for the evolution and prosperity of Mother Earth.

Let's gather together as a single heart, beating for the evolution of Humanity and for Mother Earth!


This day is also the International Sharing Day, which is awaiting official recognition by UNESCO. Join us, wherever you are, for the meditation at 12.00. MedMob will be organized in all those cities of Italy and the world which will have registered to host. Soon we will update of the list of cities with the names of local contacts.