We celebrate in joy and in communion of purpose the Day of Love and Gratitude on 21 June 2020. This event is born from the desire to create together a world founded on the power of Love and Gratitude in solidarity and cooperation among human beings for the good of humanity and the planet.

Recognizing the profound sense of belonging to the human family, in the deep respect of Mother Earth and of all the species that inhabit it, we unite in a synergistic network of pure and luminous intentions to expand the high vibrations on the planet. The connection to ourselves arises from our heart and is strengthened by the grounding of Mother Earth and by the collective focused thought. When Love flows from one to another, it generates positive cascading changes into every human being, elevating our consciousness of divine beings.

Only when we are united, the power of hearts is amplified, manifesting at the same time the will to live in high vibrations. Every time we increase our frequency, we imprint the reality of grace and luminosity, physically manifesting the reality we desire in our hearts. In the awareness of our power as co-creators, of our human and spiritual nature, we are united in a single heart that beats in unison to bring light and awareness to every place on the planet.

THE GREAT DAY OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE is a moment of profound union of our hearts, in the conscious faith that opens a new path of human evolution in harmony with Mother Earth. On this day, we connect to our heart and to the hearts of all humanity, shifting the consciousness from the mind to the heart.

Accepting our lives with love and gratitude, we take the responsibility for the creation of our reality through thoughts, words, intentions, emotions, gestures and actions, by addressing water an element that embodies the Life. Water is the most precious resource on the planet: nourishes life, crosses and holds Mother Earth and is the main component of our bodies compounds of over 70% water. With love and gratitude, we ask for forgiveness for each individual and collective emanation that did not respect life, Mother Earth and ourselves. Through our breath, we return to the center of ourselves, in openness of the heart we give Thanks.


We are many small drops but every drop combined with the other forms the whole ocean. Join the wave of Change in the high vibrations of Love and Gratitude!

You you want to participate please send us a message to the page "The Great Day of Love and Gratitude" or an email to [email protected].

Please Note: prepare a water bottle with the words Love and Gratitude, and mats, seats, meditation pillows to be comfortable.