After several events that have led many people to hug each other, we go back to the streets and squares to convey to all the warmth of a fraternal gesture like the embrace.

Propagating the fraternal love that unites us and makes us feel part of the human family, we spread hugs with proper walks of union to transmit the power of a pure and spontaneous gesture like a hug that comes from our hearts.

One hug can dissolve all barriers of gender diversity, age, sex and religion. Every age, every nationality, every creed, every idea, every inspiration, become a richness in the recognition of diversity as a precious value for growth and for human evolution.

UNITED in the power of the hug, we spread everything we believe in and want to live: equality, love, mutual respect, friendship, collaboration and sharing. We will live all of this in the opening of the heart, on Sunday, June 26. marching together in all directions of the world and on July 2. in Milan for the World Day of Hugs. This series of events is born from the synergy between the huggers of the Con-tatto (with-touch) movement "Free Hugs", the Embrace Life association in Milan, Italy, the Italia Free Hugs movement, and Essere il Cambiamento (Be the Change). We hope many of you will come!

If you want to create the event in your town, please write a message to ou fb pages or send an email to::
[email protected]
or [email protected]

This event is part of the cycle HUGS 2016! Join the wave of Love, you too !! Share and spread this event as much as possible, and for any info please contact us.
A big hug to everyone! ♥

PS: If you can not make the event on the 26th, we can activate it also on om June 12. or 19. Thank you!