September 16, 2018 - The World March of Free Hugs 1.0

Close your eyes and listen. Feel your breath growing. Feel the breath of life within you. Now we get connected with every human being. Feel the breath of our humanity. Feel our breath growing and feel it as it joins to the one of every living creature. It is the vibration of life. It is the call of belonging that binds us together. Every change, every awareness starts in the center of our Heart. Our heart vibrates in recognition of our Divine Essence. Every moment is a gift recognized in the power of Love, revealed through a fraternal embrace that warms the heart of every human being.

In the strength of Unity races, genders, every human being become ONE in the free expansion of Love. Guided by the Wisdom of the Heart, the greatness of our Divine Beings emerges. It is a re-evolution of consciousness, it is a constant re-education towards Respect and Love. In the Courage to Love we manifest as divine humanity, the one rising, the one focused towards Evolution for the Supreme Good. Everything begins from the center of ourselves, from the Love through which we are able to make every cell of our body vibrating, flooding every human being with Joy and Gratitude for the simple fact of Existence, for the gift of life guarded in our heart. It is a music. It is the symphony of life in the Vibration of Love that propagates in every human being. It is our true Essence that is brought to manifestation in the warmth of every Embrace's Love.

In the collective embrace, let's hold the heart of Mother Earth, let's embrace all living beings, the Life beating on every land, in every sky, in the deepest waters. Each embrace of Love brings us more and more closer to our center, united by the joint path of humanity. Each embrace of Love is a song that combines with the music of the universe. Today we open ourselves to Love. Today we resonate at the frequency of Life in respect of ourselves and Mother Earth. Today we arise, in an act of deep Love, the greatness within us. Today we give Dignity back to every human being near or far as we are. Today we are faced with the Heart vibrating, in front of our humanity in Union and Love.

May the voice of truth rise today, may the vibration of the Verb come and manifest itself all around. Today we choose to Be and to Love in the power of the Embrace.


Propagating the fraternal LOVE that unites us and makes us feel part of the human family, we spread the embraces with real marches of union to transmit the power of a pure and spontaneous gesture like an embrace that comes from our hearts.

Every age, every nationality, every creed, every idea, every inspiration becomes a richness in the recognition of diversity as a precious value for growth and for human evolution.

UNITED in the power of embrace we propagate everything in which we believe and we want to live: equality, love, mutual respect, friendship, collaboration and sharing.

Play YOUR OWN note, unite us in the music of Love and in the power of FREE HUGS!

This idea was born by the huggers ABBRACCI GRATIS ITALIA FREE HUGS!

PS: Bring with you some colorful cardboards, write on them: "The March of Free Hugs" "HUGS!" "Let's hug!" "free Hugs" in the free expression and expansion of Love!


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