After the success of previous events, we relaunch the third edition of the Great Day of Love and Gratitude on June 11th, 2017. We thank the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto for having documented the ability of water to store memories in the form of harmonic crystals, in case of positive vibrations and for having left us the water prayer. We also thank the American Institute of research “HeartMath” for documenting the most powerful energy field of our body that is generated from the human heart. The electromagnetic field formed by our heart, reproduces in scale the electromagnetic field of the planet, highlighting the deep connection with Mother Earth and with all forms of life in the mathematical and geometrical perfection of our universe.

Small steps in the same direction from many, beyond the geographical location create the wave of conscious change, a revolution of consciousness that spreads from the core of every human being: the heart. The key to shift from the mind to the heart is to flow in the most powerful energy, which is that of love and gratitude. The love and gratitude, emanated consciously from the center of the heart, our connection with the universe, flowing from one to another, acting from the depths of our being, both individually and collectively. When the energy fields of a part of humanity are stable and expanded, the critical mass is reached, that enables cascading changes increasingly rapid and profound in every human being, allowing to make a conscious evolutionary shift. The feeling of belonging in the sincere union of intent is the driving force that accelerates and intensifies the process of change, generating amplifications of the butterfly effect.
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THE DAY OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE is a moment of profound union of our hearts, in the conscious faith that opens a new path of human evolution in harmony with Mother Earth. On this day, we connect to our heart and to the hearts of all humanity, shifting the consciousness from the mind to the heart.

Accepting our lives with love and gratitude, we take the responsibility for the creation of our reality through thoughts, words, intentions, emotions, gestures and actions, by addressing water an element that embodies the Life. Water is the most precious resource on the planet: nourishes life, crosses and holds Mother Earth and is the main component of our bodies compounds of over 70% water. With love and gratitude, we ask for forgiveness for each individual and collective emanation that did not respect life, Mother Earth and ourselves. Through our breath, we return to the center of ourselves, in openness of the heart we give Thanks.

Same beat of life, the same vibrational frequency. Same growth intention, same vision. We are here united in heart and soul to experience the change, the life we want to live each day in the high vibrations of Love and Gratitude!

In connection with Mother Earth, we perceive our feet firmly on the ground. Listening to our breath and in the Earth's energy perception that flows from the feet and expands throughout our body, we connect to the Sun, recalling the inner light within each of us. Expanding Love and Gratitude from our center, we begin to perceive the power of our heart, which begins to shine like a crystal, spreading around itself pure light. We connect to other hearts of our humanity that expand and unite in one heart that fold with infinite Love, and with a deep sense of responsibility to humanity and Mother Earth. In full awareness of Being Here and Now. In the conscious choice to open ourselves up to Love in our Life, with Love and Gratitude we bless every heart of our planet.


At the opening of the hearts of humanity, we enter into listening to our breath and we connect to the dolphins chanting that lead us into the depths of ourselves in a moment of profound healing and release of our emotions. Through the breath, in listening to our heartbeat, we enter into resonance with dolphin’s hearts and of all water creatures. We welcome their presence with infinite Love and deep Gratitude, and as we breathe, we release every emotion of the past that today is no longer ours. Every emotion becomes a drop that in Love and Gratitude is purified and regenerated in the power of prayer. This release brings healing and purification in ourselves. We thank for the gift received and gracefully turn to Water to extend our prayer of forgiveness and blessing. By opening of our hearts, we bless every sea, every river, every stream and every flowing water on our planet until reaching up to the smallest drop of water so that it may return to flow clear and pure on Mother Earth.
So, It Is.


In connecting with Mother Earth, we feel our feet firmly planted on the ground. Listening to our breaths,and the energy from the Earth that flows from our feet, as it expands throughout our bodies, we connect to the Sun, recalling the inner Light within each of us.

We welcome with Gratitude, the grace of this here and now, and if the sky is covered, let's move our consciousness near the Sun and begin to feel the Love, its energy, its Light.

We give thanks for the gift of this moment. The heat of the Sun's rays warms our bodies, as an embrace of pure Light. The heat, the Light is energy, it is Love that warms and regenerates every cell in our bodies.

We begin to amplify the power of the heart. Aligning to our essence, we feel the union with the All, that pervades our Being. Every moment we give thanks, in the opening of our hearts, when we opened up, and we allowed Love to guide our steps.

Expanding Love and Gratitude from our center, we begin to feel the power of our hearts, which begin to shine like a crystal, spreading pure Light around itself. We dance around our center, while our crystal heart shines and radiates all of its energy, like that of the Sun's rays.

Now we connect to the other hearts of humanity. As we join in this dance, we focus on the union of the world's hearts. Other hearts that are called, begin to vibrate, resonating.

Many crystals begin to glow, to sparkle, to emanate Light from the center of themselves. They are the hearts of humanity that expands and unites in one heart that enfolds with infinite Love, and with a deep sense of Responsibility, humanity and Mother Earth.

In full awareness of Being Here and Now, in the conscious choice to open up in our Love Life.

With Love and Gratitude we bless every heart of our planet.

So It Is.




At the opening of the hearts of humanity, we stand up and raise our arms by joining hands to each other, or simply by imagining doing so. We go into listening to our breaths, and we connect to the chanting of the dolphins:.....soft chants of Joy, chants of Play, and chants of Love leading us into the crystalline depths of the oceans, painted by the colors of Water.

Seaweeds dancing to the rhythm of the sound of Life, the sparkling Water bubbles emerge from the ocean depths, colored fishes run along the hot and cold Water's a festival of colors, sounds and is the dance of Life!

In listening to our heartbeats, we get into resonance with the hearts of the dolphins, the Water creatures, and all living beings. We feel the powerful energy of purity, the deep relaxation that comes from the wrapping embrace of Water, while we are lulled by the sweet chanting of the dolphins.

Now we release every emotion of the past, which is no longer in our highest good. Every emotion becomes a drop that in Love and Gratitude is purified and regenerated, bringing healing and purification into ourselves.

We give thanks in the opening of our hearts...Thanks..Thanks...Thanks...

We hold hands and we turn to Water to extend our prayer of forgiveness and blessing.
Beloved Water, we turn to you with great Joy ..

We are here today, to humbly ask forgiveness for every emotion, every thought, every word, every decision, every gesture, every action that does not respect the life that dwells in you - in seas, lakes, rivers, streams, lagoons, in the rain, and in the snow.

Forgive us for forgetting to be grateful every time we drink from your sacred springs. We will preserve and guard you, as the most precious gift.

Forgive us..Forgive us..Forgive us..

To you who nourish Life You who are the Life itself .. please receive our prayer that comes from our hearts.

We love you and we thank you ..We love you and we thank you ..We love you and we thank you...

We are here today at the opening of the heart to build a new path of human evolution, based on the respect for life, on the respect of ourselves.

Today we are here to share you and respect you as the most valuable asset that nourishes every human being and every living creature.

Today we are united in one heart that embraces humanity and Mother Earth in the higher vibrations of Love and Gratitude.

Today we bless every sea, every river, every stream, every drop that flows on the planet reaching the smallest drop of water.

With infinite Love and deep Gratitude we bless you, so that You can return flowing clear and pure as crystal on the beloved Mother Earth.

So It is.


Please Note: bring a water bottle with the words Love and Gratitude, and mats, seats, meditation pillows to be comfortable.

• Japanése 日本の: "Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Kori kotte, Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga Nari natta" 宇宙の 無限の 力が 凝り凝って 真の 大和の み世が 生り成った
• Italiano: "Il Potere Eterno dell'Universo si è riunito per creare un mondo di vera e grande armonia" 
• English: "The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world of true and great harmony"
• Español: "El poder eterno del Universo se ha reunido para crear el mundo de verdadera y grande harmonia."
• Français: "Le pouvoir éternel de l'univers s'est rassemblé pour créer un monde de vérité et de grande harmonie."
• Deutsch: "Die unendliche Kraft des Universums hat sich vereint, um eine Welt wahrer und großer Harmonie zu erschaffen"
• Português: "O poder eterno do universo reuniu-se para criar o mundo de verdadeira e grande harmonia."
• Românesc: "Puterea eternã a Universului sa unit pentru a crea o lume de o adevãratã si mãreatã Armonie."
• Sveska: "Universums eviga kraft har samlats sig själv för att skapa en värld av sann harmoni."
• Chinese 中國語文: "Yǔzhòu zhōng yǒnghéng de lìliàng huìjù shì wèile chuàngzào chū zhēnzhèng dà héxié de shìjiè" 宇宙中永恒的力量汇聚是为了创造出真正大和谐的世界







The song of the "Great Invocation" by Sherden O.C Water Blessing Sardinia in mp3


On the occasion of the Day of Love and Gratitude of June 11, Alessandra Gioia Morri, creator of Method GioiA® 4kids, referent of the local event of Rimini, Italy - Amore e Gratitudine 2017, proposes games, new approaches, new ideas that can Be experimented with children during the event. As hoped by Masaru Emoto, we want to involve as many children as possible this day. They are the purest and most authentic expression of us, a precious gift to care.

PS: The video is in Italian language with English subtitles. Enjoy!


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