Following the first edition of the Great Day of Love and Gratitude on September 23rd, 2012, we are pleased to relaunch this worldwide event on May 22nd, 2016.

Covering over 70% of the earth's surface, water nourishes and makes life on this planet possible in the first place. Having access to the most precious good for life is an undeniable right of every human being to share with all living beings. During our life, we constantly get in touch with this element that is part of ourselves; exactly as our planet, we are made of more than 70% of water.

Many discoveries and scientific researches point out our constant influence on water: through our consciousness we impress information in its molecules. This process happens through our thoughts that direct our intentions, and at the same time influence our emotion.
• These results have been scientifically shown by the American research institute HeartMath that has documented the presence of an electromagnetic field around our heart, exactly as the one around the Earth. Emotions flowing from the heart generate the biggest electromagnetic field among all organs of our body. The electrical component of the heart's field is 60 times more powerful than the one issued by the human brain, and the magnetic component is 5000 times stronger. Therefore, emotions are the most powerful vehicle to imprint information into matter of the physical world.
• Another evidence has been published by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, who spread the pictures of water crystals that have formed in water that was previously submitted to music, words, intentions and emotions. The most beautiful, harmonic, geometrically perfectly structured crystals form when we express feelings of higher vibration, such as forgiveness, love and gratitude. Some wonderful and harmonic crystals have even been found in very polluted waters, when the local population issued positive emotion towards that water, like in Buenos Aires and in other south American cities.

These evidences help us to understand how immense our inner power is, an infinite power, carried out by our emotions emanating from the heart, guided by our thought, sealed by our words, and manifested by our actions. Accepting that the reality that we live is created by our own collective creation, we choose to accept and receive ourselves completely. United in the wish to change and create together a new reality, we fully take the responsibility of our life.

The DAY OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE is a moment of profound union of our hearts in conscious trust that opens a new human evolutionary path in harmony with Mother Earth. Today we are like a single Heart that vibrates in unison for humanity and for the planet. Today we choose to live in the high vibration of Love and Gratitude, imprinting them into the Water, which is the element connected to our emotions. Today we consciously direct our power of creating towards authentic joy, feeling that we are an active part of a single dream of life, that anyone then builds moment for moment. Namasté! ♥

United with each other holding hands, or imagining to do so, we connect with Mother Earth through our breath. We remain centered in our heart, listening to our heartbeat that unites us to the one of every living being. We visualize roots growing under our feet, like those of a tree, grounding into the earth, creating an even deeper connection that unites us to Mother Earth's Heart. The terrestrial energy comes up from our feet, going through our body. Then we feel the Sun, or imagine to connect with it, visualizing a Light within ourselves, that expands until it melts into the Sun. In the center, in our heart, both the energies of the Earth and of the Sun merge and melt together. Now we put our hands on our chest, and we start to feel Love and Gratitude growing inside ourselves, until we are completely filled out. When we feel totally brim-full, we direct this energy into the heart of every human and living being.

By opening the Heart, we emanate high Love and Gratitude vibrations to purify the Water and make it clear and pure like a crystal. This vibration expands from our center and generates cascade effects in every ocean, sea, lake, river, even the tiniest water droplet, regenerating the earth that they wet, the people who drink from the clarity of this source, the animals and the plants that host the sacred waters of our blessings, every living form on earth that touches the high vibrations of Love and Gratitude generated by the pureness of our intention. So it Is!



Connecting with each other by holding hands, or imagining to do so, we focus softly with our breath.

Slowly, the air flows through our lungs filling our belly.

When we exhale, we let the air flow through our legs and our feet, filling them completely.

Visualize some roots that grow under your feet and go deep into the earth, grounding like a tree.

Now we put our hands on our chest.

While we listen to our heartbeat, we start to feel the strong connection we have with Mother Earth's heart and the one of every living creature.

We feel the Earth's energy raising up from our feet through our roots and pervade our entire body.

We also feel the Sun, or imagine to connect with it. We feel its heat, its warm and bright energy, warming up our body.

We visualize a light that is coming from our inner center and expands towards the Sun's light.

Thank to our heart, we are connected to both the terrestrial and the solar energies.

We hear some music: life's symphony.

Life blossoms inside ourselves with every breath.

Listening to our heartbeat, we give thanks to the simple fact that we exist,
expressing gratitude to be here now.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We are grateful for the life that is in us.

We bless life with respect and love.

Now we put our hands on our chest and we start to feel the love and the gratitude
grow inside ourselves, filling us up completely.

When we feel completely filled, we flood the heart of every human being with Love
and Gratitude.


Centered on our breath and by opening of our heart, we bring our attention to the

Beloved Water, source of life of every living creature. To you we turn our prayer that
comes from the depth of our heart.

Forgive us for every thought, emotion, gesture or action that hasn't respected the life inside of you. We ask for forgiveness, for every exploitation, waste or pollution. 

Forgive us, forgive us, forgive us. 

Today we are here by opening of our heart, tuning in with the high vibrations of
Love and Gratitude. 

Today we are here to open a new path of human evolution, in respect of life and of

We love you and we thank you. We love you and we thank you. We love you and
we thank you. 

By opening of our heart, we flood every ocean, every sea, every lake, every river, and up to the smallest water droplet, with Love and Gratitude. Through our prayer we regenerate and purify the holy waters, and the earth that they wet. Today we bless everyone who drinks from the purity of this source.

Beloved Water, today we bless you with the high vibrations of Love and Gratitude, so
that you can flow clear and pure like a crystal on our Mother Earth.

So it Is!


World Heart Meditation and  Water Blessing Prayer only instrumental
PS: Take with you a glass bottle of water with Love and Gratitude written on it, mats, seats and meditation pillows to stay comfortable.
If you'd like to organize an event around where you live, choose a place next to the water, which is suitable for the meditation. We will support you to create the event by calling in as many people as possible to join. The meditations will be available as YouTube videos and in mp3 format (check the files existing in the event of 2012: ).

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