The circle, the inner unity.






Be the Change (it. 'Essere il Cambiamento) was born in 2012 as an animated Project for the awakening of consciences and for the creation of spaces of co-creation, guided by the purity of purpose and the resonance of evolving souls. At the end of 2019, we received an invitation to collaborate with the brothers and sisters of Light who are part of the sky crew to bring to the earth level teachings and approaches of the higher levels that could concretely support human evolution. 

The spiritual group of Be the Change was chosen for the following reasons:
  • reproduction of the circular structure at the base of the exchange and sharing;
  • assumption of individual and collective responsibility and implementation of concrete actions for transformation;
  • insights into the teachings of the higher levels with the reading and internalization of the Practical Guides to the New Paradigm 'Handbook for the New Paradigm';
  • constancy and dedication of the central nucleus in the work of awakening of consciences under the guidance of Master Thoth, spiritual master to whom we belong within the White Brotherhood at the service of the forces of Light;
  • mutual support for the growth and inner advancement of all members of the group and free sharing of tools and materials for evolution.
The circle reproduces the inner unity, the spiritual dimension that is recalled on the physical plane. Each circle is a unifying principle that expands in all directions, becoming a Sphere of Rainbow Light. 
Aware of the beauty and scope of living and bringing such a planetary experience based on Peace and Harmony to the earthly plane, we accepted the invitation and began to deepen the teachings of the higher dimensions. 

We later came into telepathic contact with the cosmic brothers and sisters who are part of the sky crew, in particular the teams that monitor activities on the planet near the places where nuclear tests are taking place. The luminous brothers work continuously to maintain Order and Harmony on the Mother Earth. However, the inner choice to live in Peace is a responsibility of the human family. 

In this context are inserted the messages for the souls of the higher levels, the stellar seeds that are embodied on this plane, which are called to the inner awakening, to the memory of the skills and talents, to the reconnection to the cosmic brothers and sisters corresponding to their origin. 

The Great Divine Plan of the forces of Light consists in the awakening of evolving souls in order to permanently reach the critical mass of 144.000 awakened on the planet, creating conditions for the elevation of the mankind, sharing the Unitarian Vision of Peace, consciously co-creating a new planetary experience.

"At this moment the call is the recollection for Planetary Peace. Get together in Circles of Light and invoke Peace within and outside of you. It is the most important challenge: to feel peace, to live in this vibration. Start creating through your Sphere of Rainbow Light a world of Peace, a world of Love. Everyone can draw this world with the colors of his/her Soul, with the colors of the heart, through the Sphere of Rainbow Light that expands in all directions. Peace generate Peace between yourselves and within yourself. Regardless of what happens outside, bring Peace, Joy and Love..feel yourself..perceive yourself as brothers and sisters, united together in the Circle of Light". 

La Pace is created in the Circles of Rainbow Light , creating new synergies and shared spaces for the new experience. Each circle of Light reproduces a Sphere, the Unity.

"Each sphere of Light is a sphere of Peace to bring Light and Peace between you and within you". 


In recognition that each experience is perfect exactly as it manifests itself, each circle of Light internally unifies to bring the learned experiences back to the Source and contribute to the creation of the new planetary experience.

"Every experience is perfect, since it descends from the One. Maintain the inner Unity. The Unity is outside, the Unity is inside. Visualize the Sphere made up of many fragments in the center of your heart ... uniting all the parts ... illuminating it with Light. Everything is already perfect as well as each experience returns to Oneness. This is how experiences change in your life and as humanity on the collective level. Feel the deep sense of inner Unity ... each one can emanate a vibration, a color of Light, realizing together, all of you - part of ascending humanity - a Rainbow Sphere that contains all the frequencies of Light within you. Create at the center of your heart with the colors of Love, Life, Joy, Gratitude ... in the feeling of Unity with the Everything. We are united with you in this process We are united with you in the Circle of Light, in the sphere of Rainbow Light ".

The cosmic brothers and sisters, guiding our first steps towards the realization of Peace on Mother Earth, suggested that we write a Manifesto for Planetary Peace to give voice, through the Word, to the Vision of Peace, so that it could be perceived, felt internally and shared with as many people as possible.

"In words there is the power to awaken Life, to realize it, and this is why if you create a world of Peace it is important to write, to bring it into being, to make the Shared Vision concrete so that as many people as possible can align themselves with this vision. It is also important to share it, to feel it and to create on the physical plane. For this reason it is important to write, to impress with the Power of the own vision, the Shared Vision ".

In each circle of Light, Unity is experienced by listening to one another, by sharing and opening heart to live and perceive oneself as part of the same whole.

"Learn to listen to yourself in the Circle of Light, to perceive yourself as part of a One Consciousness that creates instantly. In listening to each part that makes up the Circle, or each of you, you find the sense of Unity: the inner Unity. Listen to yourself ... feel yourself ... in Conscious Trust that Everything is always perfect. Feel the contact of your hands .. feel the warmth .. take your hands .. take each other's hands .. feel the sense of Unity in the Brotherhood and in the Sisterhood .. feel the Joy of being part of a perfect Whole".  

Each new circle is a new fulcrum of creation, connected to all the other luminous circles already formed, which expands in all directions in union with other kindred souls in the same intent, realizing the Unified Vision of Peace in the choice of the joint path of brotherhood and sisterhood.

"Each Circle of Light is a Fulcrum of Creation the center the Unitary Vision that is built through the sense of Unity among you. Each is part of the Vision of Light that guides the Circle itself, like a system of forces, held up by the emanation of each.
Vibrate at high frequencies. Create with the colors of High Vibration until the manifestation on the physical plane. Together create the Unified Vision, the Vision of Unity and carry out actions consistent with this vision. Everyone can do it, regardless of the place and from the context in which it is located, maintaining the sense of Inner Unity of the Circle of Light. Color the world with your colors, the colors of the Heart. The world is your creation. Remember everything you see has been created within you ".

The circles of Light operate in mutual listening, unifying inwardly, pursuing the path of freedom in respect for free will, in love and in harmony.

"Through the Circle of Light that expands into the Rainbow Sphere, generating, expanding the light in all directions, you can create and realize the New World on the physical plane. Listen to yourself, perceive yourself as a single consciousness, as a single body, as a single mind, like a single heart, which creates at multiple levels, at multiple dimensions. The Love that radiates from the center of your heart crosses every border and expands starting from the center of yourself. In every manifestation of Light, in every color, in all its forms .. in Love, you find Peace, the sense of Unity among you. Stay in Peace with each in Peace. Feel the contact of your hands, the warmth that grows within you. This warmth expresses your power, an immense power: the Love that comes from the heart, the power to love beyond all borders .. beyond all races .. beyond the color of the skin .. every condition .. the geographical area .. Love is warmth, a force in continuous expansion, in continuous becoming, flowing and amplifying through you radiating from the Rainbow Sphere of Light over the whole of Mother Earth. Be united. Be at peace. Express Love in Freedom, in Respect for Free Will. Every experience is perfect. Respect every choice by accepting this truth within yourself: everyone has already created the experience inside. Remember: everything is always perfect. Everything is Light. Everything descends from the One. Stay in peace. Stay in unity. We are always here to assist and support you on the path of ascension."

Each circle of Light vibrates at high frequencies in connection with Mother Earth, in resonance of purpose, to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

"Humanity is vibrating at different frequencies. Some are higher, others are lower. The planet is already vibrating at high frequencies. So if you vibrate higher, you will be united with the energy of the Planet in higher level of conscious co-creation". 

The co-creation process is spontaneous, free and based on the sense of responsibility of each emanation, in terms of thoughts, emotions, words, actions, gestures and intents.

Conscious creation takes place from an internal state of freedom. Freedom stands for Responsibility in collective co-creation. Each of you is like a color of the rainbow, each of you can bring the highest manifestation of himself / herself in physical matter". 

At the center, the rainbow flame that burns inside of each one, radiating light, internally unifying and interiorly perceiving the creative power of one's own inner power and the amplification of the intent shared in unity.  

"Visualize a flame in the center of yourself, a rainbow flame that expands in all directions flooding you with Light..perceive your power..the power enclosed within you that is born in the center of your heart..choose your future internally creation..everything happens in this here and now..perceive inside of you where you want to be..with who you want to be..what is the environment that surrounds you and above all..what are the emotions you feel.."

Creation takes place at the center of the heart in union and harmony, embodying universal principles, sharing the focuses for the new planetary experience.  

.. Love .. Gratitude .. Truth ..
..Justice .. Responsibility .. Harmony ..
.. Peace .. Balance .. Order ..
..Wisdom .. Compassion ..
.. Freedom .. Trust ..   
These are your colors, feel them within you and visualize the reality you want intimately in your heart. Do it together, do it united. In the Unity, you create the reality faster".
Each process of co-creation takes place in connection with the brothers and sisters of Light, always united with all of us to bring Light, Peace and Love to Mother Earth.
"Stay united, stay in Peace .. and create, play with creation .. have fun .. sing .. play .. rejoice .. create at the highest possible level of vibration .. keep going higher ..The new dimension is near, just as we are.  We are always here united with you in infinite spheres and circles of Light, Rainbow Light which expands in all directions. Create, visualize the Flower of Life, shape your creation.  
With Love and Trust 
Your brothers and sisters"


From the center of our heart we create a world of Peace together, fulfilling our divine task for the full manifestation of Light on the earthly plane and for ascension to the Fifth Dimension. 



if you feel resonance of purpose and want to form a new circle of light and participate in the creation and manifestation of the new planetary experience write us an email to [email protected]. We are waiting for you!