In union of purposes we celebrate the World Day for Planetary Peace together with the beings of light that support the evolution of humanity on June 21, 2020.
Every contribution for the good of humanity and Mother Earth to serve the Divine Cosmic Plan of the Forces of Light has led us to a turning point to reach critical mass and raise mankind to a higher level of consciousness.
The structures of the mental dimension are crumbling, the veils are being torn apart to make space of conscious creation that is born at the center of our crystal heart in love and in harmony with every corner of creation.
At the heart center we create together in the high vibration, consciously entering the New Era, manifesting the New Paradigm on Mother Earth, in synergistic union with the Masters Trees, with the elemental and spiritual essences, with the brothers and sisters of Mother Earth, with the Great Masters to the higher dimensional stellar and cosmic Beings of Light.
Each of these channels of inner connection has been reactivated in order to manifest together the Sense of Unity, the Elevation of mankind, Belonging to the human and cosmic family, the Awareness of being Sons of Light, embodied in a physical body.
We are united for Peace. - We are Peace. - We are Unity. - We are Awareness of the One. - We are universal Responsibility.
In conjunction, we also collectively call for nuclear disarmament on the planet. The brothers and sisters of light built underground extraterrestrial bases to monitor human activities for nuclear tests, conducted for war purposes. Human beings freely choose, exercising their free will, to renounce these armaments and the production of energy from nuclear sources. Alternative solutions to these systems have been present for tens of years.
Peace is an inner state that is built from within, educating people to grow and live in respect for each other's spaces, in calm and harmony towards all beings. It is therefore not a condition that is obtained by prevaricating other peoples who do not have the same armaments, exploiting the natural resources present in the territories involved.
We share with concrete gestures and actions the message of collective peace articulated in two key moments scheduled for June 21, 2020.
- Centering in the heart and alignment to the high vibrations of light during focused collective meditation:
12:00 - World Heart Meditation and Water Celebration - The Great Day of Love and Gratitude
- Manifestation of Unity in recognition of the Embrace of the Heart, a symbol of planetary peace:
16:00 - Hugs from Heart to Heart - Connection of Hearts for Planetary Peace
Contact us, by writing an email to [email protected] if you want to become a contact person in your city / area, bringing union, peace and love to Mother Earth.
Thank you for being an active part of the Change!